HIGH FEMME Productions

Je veux faire pleurer les gens même quand ils ne comprennent pas mes mots. - Édith Piaf


In the works

High Femme Productions is currently in development on a number of projects.

Check back to see the latest update on each project. 

Dear Love..png

Dear Love. 

By: Annaliese von der Burg

  • International filming has wrapped. 
  • Filming will continue in late 2019.

"Dear Love." explores what you want to tell the love of your life that you haven't met yet.  

Push Poster.png


By: Erika Bill

  • "Push" is currently in the process of location scouting. 
  • Filming is slated for 2019.

The Office meets silent film comedy. We all have "those day", but this is just getting ridiculous.