HIGH FEMME Productions

Je veux faire pleurer les gens même quand ils ne comprennent pas mes mots. - Édith Piaf


THE Team





Annaliese von der Burg | CEO

Annaliese is a Seattle based actress, writer, and filmmaker. After studying drama and musical theatre at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Manhattan, she decided to set her focus on acting for film and television. After being on the one side of the lens for so long, Annaliese realized that she wanted to become further involved in all aspects of filmmaking. The creation of High Femme came from a yet another night of binging every movie could get their hands on and thinking of how they could bring their film ideas to life. With a passion and drive for the industy and an overall love for the art of filmmaking, Annaliese and High Femme Productions intends on creating modern classic films for the ages.  


Erika Jean

Erika, raised in Seattle, grew up in a household filled with a love for all things film. It became clear at an early age that a career in the film industry could in fact become a reality. She devoted her time to learning everything she could about the art of film making and constantly strives to evolve and expand her knowledge. She believes in the beauty of what film can do to draw honest human emotion to the forefront of our everyday lives and hopes to only dig deeper with future stories. Erika looks forward to taking High Femme's early creations from script to screen.


Billie Mack

Mackenzie is a born and raised Pacific Northwestern.  Inspired by her inherited love of movies and classic rock, a love for all things "vintage" has a great influence on Mackenzie's creations. With her work, she hopes to expand Americans discussion on the current political, social and technological problems that America faces today. Just breaking into her true passion of screenwriting and filmmaking, Mackenzie is only at the start of a budding career.